The Curious Mix was founded in 2014 in order to catalogue inspiration, current projects, and as a place to share other artist’s work. My hope is that you will get inspiration through the photos I post, as well as learn how to do some fun projects.


Founder: Susanne Mueller


My name is Susanne and I am an interior designer and set dressing coordinator for a popular television show here in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Cleveland, I moved to the west coast soon after graduating college to pursue my career and to have some new adventures. I’ve worked on big budget films, no budget films, television, commercials, and as the designer for several popular HGTV shows. In 2010, I started Susanne Mueller Design which specializes in residential interior design, as well as interior styling for various clients and brands. When I’m not working I spend most of my time fixing up my home, trying new recipes, searching for new and interesting spots in LA, and dreaming of where I would like to travel next.